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Proper bike fit is essential for ergonomic comfort and biomechanical efficiency. Experimenting with one’s own fit can be expensive, time consuming, and may even cause pain or injury. Even after selecting the proper size and type of bike (the first and most important step), there are many adjustments that can make the difference between misery and joy. Not everyone has the resolve to endure misery for the sake of recreation, and discomfort inevitably interferes with the performance of competitive riders as well. Regardless of your cycling goals, your friendly neighborhood bike fitting specialists can help you to be happier with your bicycle.

The whole picture

At R2 Bicycles in Shoreline, we utilize a combination of science, technology and art to dial in your optimal fit, whether for a joy ride around the lake, commuting to/from work, STP, triathlon, and all disciplines of bike riding or for racing.

Science: R2 Bicycles is located within a Shoreline physical therapy clinic – talk about having the knowledge base of biomechanists to be in the know with regard to the body on the bike! Additionally we make it a goal to stay up on the latest science, from equipment and position, to training tools and strategies.

Technology: R2 Bicycles has the tools and training to dig deep into what your body requires to make a good connection with your bike. We may utilizes the GURU DFU bike fit experience for dynamic adjustments, pressure mapping as needed to dial in saddle or shoe-wear issues, and electromyography to discover how your muscles are working in various positions or te re-learn cycling mechanics and skills.

Art: The bike fitters at R2 Bicycles have specific professional education and experience in biomechanics, and many certifications from various bike fit schools, along with years of fitting experience without and with various technologies and tools. Yet first and foremost we RIDE. Alot! Our passion for riding and to help others experience the plethora of benefits from cycling while remaining healthy and injury free, is the cornerstone of all we do.

It all ties into efficiency

Although we recognize that ‘speed’ and ‘power’ may be desirable with cycling, they are not our first priorities within a biomechanical fitting. ‘Efficiency’ can be used in different ways, depending on one’s physiology and cycling goals. Some riders want to get to their destination without sweating as much. Some riders want to get there faster with the same amount of effort. And most riders want to get there again and again while minimizing the opportunity for overuse injuries. Even if speed is not a priority, very few riders actually want to work harder to go slower, and virtually nobody wants to ride in pain (masochists need not apply). At the end of the day, bike fitting is about removing limitations, and allowing each rider to get the most out of their own cycling experience.

Stay tuned for Part II of our blog: Diving into the Science of Biomechanical Bike Fitting at R2 Bicycles: moving limitations, and allowing each rider to get the most out of their own cycling experience.

Contact R2 Bicycles (206) 783-8338 or email info@R2bicycles to schedule your next bike fit!

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