Bicycle Fitting Services in Seattle

Not only can R2 Bicycles provide you with an excellent bike fit, we also have the technical expertise to install and service just about anything you might need. We offer the best fittings on the market and the top bicycle services in Shoreline. We make sure that both your body and your bike are ready to ride!

Optimization Fit w/Retro-Fitting: $225/2hrs
Aerobars or Specialty Bikes: $275/3hrs

guruOur Shoreline fit specialist will assess every detail of your position and use the GURU DFU fit bike to make changes while you ride so you feel the difference in real time. Our optimization fitting includes cleat adjustment and a retro-fit to set up your bike to match the fit achieved on the DFU. This is perfect for clients who are looking to optimize their fit for improved riding efficiency and comfort.

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Optimization Fit without Retro-Fitting:
Road, Cyclocross, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes: $175/1hr
Aerobars or Specialty Bikes: $225/2hrs

In some cases, it may not be necessary to retro-fit a specific bike. Some people prefer to set their bikes up themselves or they are shopping for a new bike and want it optimized by a mechanic right out of the box. The GURU DFU fit data is comprehensive, easy to replicate and references a database of current bike offerings from all the major brands to help you find the best sized bikes on the market.

Bike Finder Fits: $65/30 mins (Not available for bikes with aero bars.)

fit2Bike Finder sizing is very basic, using the GURU DFU to identify the best sized bikes on the market. The fit data is cross-referenced with current geometry from all the major brands, and includes basic specifications for saddle, stem, and handlebar position. The price of a Bike Finder sizing may be credited toward a new bicycle from R2 within 60 days of the process.

Component Specific Sizing Services: $65/30 mins

cleatCrank Finder: Utilizing measurements from your bike, our fit specialist and the GURU DFU will help dial in crank lengths to best suit your range-of-motion and riding style. If a new crankset needs to be installed, additional labor charges will be incurred (generally $30).

Saddle Finder: Our SwitchIt Saddle fitter and fit specialist will help you find a saddle that matches your anatomy and riding style. The Saddle Finder Sizing includes installation of the new saddle based on the existing measurements.

Cleat Fitting: If you have new shoes, cleats or pedals, get a cleat fitting. Our fit specialist will assess your foot posture and shoes and then place your cleats to ensure the best possible interface between the pedal and your foot.

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